About Us

“Our motto of helping people”

Changing the world with charity

Palok Foundation at Ghoramara

Our Mission & Vision


  • To care for and nurture underprivileged children, by ensuring their holistic advancement, in the areas of health, education, nutrition and skill development.
  • To stand beside deprived and economically weaker sections of communities particularly in rural areas, by providing them material and monetary assistance, particularly at times of calamities.
  • To strive for creation of an eco system where the natural talents and interests of underprivileged children can thrive.


Palok would like to be at the forefront of creation of a society, where the needs and hopes of underprivileged children and other deprived and disadvantaged communities, are universally recognised and accepted, and where the environment is such that the populace at large is committed to and involved in the cause.

Palok would strive to be a catalyst in this process of sensitising communities of the need to treat all underprivileged children as their own. An environment where children could be nurtured and bloom to their fullest capabilities